The International Conference on Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Nano Physics with Applications (CAMNP 2019) will focus on developments in atomic ,molecular ,optical & nano science which has proved to be powerful science supporting many other areas of science & technology including industrial technology, information technology, energy, global change, defence, health and medical environmental, space technology, and transportation.

The conference will involve experimental and theoretical studies of atoms, ions, molecules and nanostructures both at the fundamental level & on the application side using advanced technology. Using modern tools of high-field and ultra fast physics, one no longer merely observes nature, but can reshape and redirect atoms, molecules, particles, or radiation. This new drive towards harnessing quantum dynamics is enormously important to future developments in fundamental physics and applied energy science. Third generation synchrotron sources offer new opportunities to study radiation-matter interactions. Optical techniques have also played a very important role in the creation, understanding and manipulation of atomic and molecular Bose-Einstein Condensates. Complete quantum mechanical description of such properties and interactions is required and to this end, the present conference aims at bringing together experimental and theoretical scientists working in various fields of “Atomic, Molecular,Optical and Nano Physics”, to share and exchange new ideas. Topics of interest in the conference include: Atomic & Molecular Structure, Collision Processes, Data Production and Application, Laser cooling, trapping and Bose-Einstein condensation, High precision and Ultracold phenomena, High harmonic generation and applications, Coherent optical phenomena, Attosecond and Ultrashort pulses and their applications, Reaction dynamics using ultrafast techniques, Quantum optics and its applications to Mesoscopic systems, Other topics covered are: Spectroscopy of Solar and Stellar Plasma, The Atomic Universe : Spectra as Probes of Cool Gas. The rapidly growing field of nanophysics is introduced as a separate conference topic this time, which include, Nano-structures and Photonics. In the last, a session will also be devoted to Application of Atomic, Molecular Optical and Nano Physics in Petroleum, Renewable energy, Environmental Science, Information Technology, Health and Education in Developing Countries.

Main Topics to be Included but not limited to:

  •   Atomic & Molecular Structure, Collision Processes, Data Production and Application Spectroscopy of Solar and Stellar Plasma
  •  Intense Field, Short Pulse Laser and Atto-Second Physics
  •  Laser Technology, Quantum Optics and applications.
  •  Bose Einstein condensation.
  •  Nanomaterials and Nanoscience
  •  Nanobiotechnolgy and Nanophotonics
  •  Nano and Micro Electronics
  •  Computational Condensed Matter Physics
  •  Electron/ion beam and Electron microscopy with their use in various interdisciplinary branches of science like Material sciences, Life sciences etc.
  •  Application of atomic, molecular, optical and nano physics in petroleum, renewable energy, energy storage, environment sciences, information technology, health and education in developing countries.